• 1st loan free! - If your first loan is repaid on time, you will not be charged any additional interest or fees.
  • Easy and Convenient - Apply online and the funds are automatically transferred to your bank account, without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Fast Approval - We tell you immediately, if you are eligible for a loan.

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Zaplo loans offers short-term finances with online convenience to Canadians. Zaplo is a brand owned by one of the leading microfinance companies, AS 4Finance LTD which has issued more than two million short-term loans worldwide and serves customers in nine countries.

Apply easily & securely; with no surprises. Apply online with the confidence that you information is secure. All Zaplo loans applications utilize the latest encryption technology to protect your private information. All rates and charges are explained clearly and provided up front.

Choose your loan amount. New Zaplo loans customers may qualify for a loan amount between $500-$1000, while returning customers may qualify for loan amounts between $150-$1200.

Choose your payment terms. You decide how many payments and how much time you need to pay off the loan balance.

Get your cash, directly to your account. Receive your money in as little as 24 hours or the next business day deposited into your bank account.